School Calendar


Monday4Staff Day (no pupils in school)
Tuesday5Autumn Term commences for Year 7 - Full Day for Year 7
Tuesday5Year 12 Registration Only and Depart
Tuesday5Year 7 MIDYIS Tests & Reading Tests (AL)
Wednesday6Autumn Term commences for Years 8-11 and Year 13
Thursday7First Induction Morning for Year 12 (RPN)
Thursday7Year 11 Geography Field Trip to Stratford
Thursday7Year 12 Revision Cracked Study Skills Seminar
Friday8Year 11 Geography Field Trip to Epping Forest
Friday8Second Induction Morning for Year 12 (RPN)
Saturday9Rugby v Aylesbury Grammar School
Saturday9Rugby v Robert Clack
Monday11Normal Timetable for Year 12 begins
Monday11Year 11 Assessment Week (Summer Work)
Tuesday12Years 7, 10 and 12 Photographs (NVB, EC & HoYs)
Wednesday13PE Dept: O-Pro Dentist 12.00 noon
Wednesday13Year 11 Rome Trip Parents' Information Meeting (6.30 pm)(GCO)
Wednesday13Senior Rugby Trip to University of Bath (LSH)
Thursday14Year 12 Parents’ Information Meeting 6.30 pm (RP)
Friday15Mass for New School Year - Fr Philip Denton (p2 PSHE)
Saturday16Rugby v Merchant Taylors School
Saturday16Paddy Dear Memorial Rugby Tournament (MMcD)
Monday18Years 11 & 12 Trip to Rome (to 23rd)
Tuesday19Year 12 NCS Assembly
Tuesday197.30 pm Jack Petchey Presentations - Queen's Theatre
Wednesday20Last Date for Enquiries about GCSE/GCE Results
Wednesday20Year 10 GCSE Information Evening 6.30pm (PTi)
Saturday23Rugby v Trinity
Monday25Rugby v New Hall U14s
Tuesday2618.30 Year 7 Welcome Mass - Fr Selvini (KWI/PTI)
Wednesday27Essex U17 10-a-side
Wednesday27Rugby v Coopers Company and Coburn School 2nd XV
Thursday28Open Evening for Year 7 Admissions 2018 (Early Close 1.00 pm)
Thursday28Last date for BMAT and University Exam Entries at standard cost
Thursday28Final day to request return of scripts GCSE/GCE from summer 2017 exams
Friday29Staff Day (no pupils in school)
Saturday30Rugby v Royal Hospital School


Monday2Year 7 Retreat to Aylesford (Garnet, Southwell and 2nd half More)
Monday2Year 11 Academic Review 1 by Staff
Tuesday3RPA Post 16 Event, Harrow Lodge (RPN)
Wednesday4Last date for entries for Nov 2017 (GCSE Maths & English Lang only)
Wednesday4Final day to request return of GCSE/GCE scripts from summer 2017 exams
Wednesday4Rugby v Chislehurst & Sidcup GS 1st XV
Wednesday4U13 Essex Festival - Barking RFC
Thursday5Year 7 Retreat to Aylesford (Fisher, Fox and 1st Half More)
Friday6Rugby v Brentwood School Year 7
Friday6Sacred Heart Disco
Saturday7Rugby v Chislehurst & Sidcup GS
Saturday7Palmerston North, New Zealand
Saturday7Rugby v Eltham College Year 7
Monday9Year 13 Academic Review/AGs
Tuesday10Year 7 Assembly - Gideons (GCO)
Friday13Blue Day for Teenage Cancer Trust (RPn)
Friday13Year 11 Academic Review to Parents
Friday13Year 11 Revision Cracked Study Skills Seminar (MMcD)
Saturday14Rugby v St George's Weybridge
Saturday14PA Curry Night
Monday16Year 12 Academic Review 1 by Staff
Monday16Sixth Form Retreat (to 19th)(RPE)
Tuesday17Rugby v Brentwood School Year 8
Tuesday1719.00 Informal Music Concert (Main Hall)
Tuesday17Year 13 RE Day
Tuesday17Year 13 History Visit to Dublin (to 19th incl.) (KL)
Wednesday18Year 10 BTEC Stubbers Trip
Thursday19Junior Prizegiving Rehearsal Period 1 - Jubilee Hall (AL)(p1 PSHE)
Friday20Junior Prizegiving 2.15 pm (Jubilee Hall) (AL/HoY)
Friday20Year 13 Academic Review issued to Parents
Friday20Last date to enter Extended Project for January 2018
Friday20U13 Rugby Tour to the North West (TBC)
Monday30Year 10 Academic Review 1 by Staff


Wednesday1GCSE English Lang Resits (am)
Wednesday1Senior Rugby v Emmanuel
Thursday2BMAT & other University (ELAT, HAT, MAT, PAT etc) Entrance Examinations
Thursday2GCSE Maths Re-sits
Friday3Year 12 Academic Review issued to Parents
Friday3GCSE English Lang Resits (am)
Friday3Year 7/8 Disco 7:30-9:30pm
Saturday4Rugby v BSHS
Saturday4Rugby v Cranleigh School 3rd XV
Monday6Year 9 Academic Review 1 by Staff
Monday6Year 13 Iceland to 10th
Monday6GCSE Maths Re-sits
Monday6Synagogue Trip
Tuesday7Synagogue Trip
Wednesday8Safe Drive Stay Alive, Queen's Theatre, 10.15 am (all Year 11) (MMcD)
Wednesday8GCSE Maths Re-sits
Wednesday8Year 11 Parents' Evening 4.30 - 7.45 pm (MMcD) - ALA
Thursday9Rehearsal for Senior School Prize Distribution Period 1 (ALA)(p1 PSHE)
Friday10Year 10 Academic Review issued to Parents
Friday10Senior School Prize Distribution 7.15 for 7.30 pm (Main Hall)
Saturday11Rugby v Langley Park for Boys
Sunday12PA Mass of Remembrance 4.00 pm - (School Hall) (KW, P Assoc.) Fr Andrew
Monday13Year 8 Academic Review 1 by Staff
Monday13Rehearsals for Autumn Concert
Tuesday14Rehearsals for Autumn Concert
Wednesday15St Cecilia's Autumn Concert
Thursday16Year 13 RE Day
Friday17Year 9 Academic Review issued to Parents
Saturday18Rugby v John Fisher
Monday20Year 7 Academic Review 1 by Staff
Tuesday2113.45 Jubilee Building Fund AGM
Wednesday22Year 13 Parents' Evening 4.30-7.45 pm (Main Hall) (TDE) - RPE
Friday24Year 10 Art Trip to Westminster Abbey (AGI)
Friday24Year 8 Academic Review issued to Parents
Friday24BMAT Results
Saturday25PA Christmas Bazaar
Saturday25Rugby v Dartford Grammar School
Wednesday29Year 12 Parents' Evening 4.30 - 7.45 pm (KEL) - RPE


Friday1Campion Day - NO SCHOOL ASSEMBLY
Friday1Sixth Form Quiz Night 7:00pm start
Friday1Year 7 Academic Review issued to Parents
Friday1Quiz Night - 7:30-9:30pm
Saturday2Rugby v RGS High Wycombe
Saturday2Rugby Tour Dinner
Monday4Year 11/13 Mock Examinations begin until 20th December & Full Reports
Wednesday6Year 12 (2018) Applications Evening 6.30 pm (External)
Saturday9Headmaster's Detention
Saturday9Rugby v Robert Clack
Saturday9St Peter's Gloucester - Seniors
Monday11Years 7 & 9 Reading Tests
Thursday14Good Journal Trip
Friday15Extended Assembly for Achievers
Saturday16Rugby v Wimbledon College
Sunday17Senior Citizens’ Party (RPN)
Tuesday19Carol Service 7.00 pm Brentwood Cathedral
Wednesday20School Carol Service Period 2


Tuesday2Start of Spring Term - Normal Timetable
Friday5Rugby v Judd Year 7
Friday5Rugby v Judd
Monday8Year 10 Academic Review 2
Tuesday9Year 7 Parents' Evening 4.45 - 7.45 pm (ION) - ALA
Wednesday10Memorial Mass in Memory of Former Students 10.15 am
Thursday11GCSE results from November 2017 to pupils
Saturday13Rugby v Skinners
Monday15Year 9 Assessments (in Jubilee Hall) & Academic Review 2
Wednesday17Year 11 Mock Results Day
Wednesday17Year 12 (2018) Applications Evening 6.30 pm (Internal)
Thursday1816.00 Pastoral Teams Meeting
Friday19Year 10 Academic Review 2 issued to Parents
Saturday20Rugby v Brighton College
Saturday20Rugby v Merchant Taylors Year 8 Festival
Saturday20PA Event (Race Night)
Monday22Year 11 Retreat to Kintbury (to 26th)
Monday22Year 12 Exams in Jubilee Hall (until 30th June) & Full Reports
Monday22Year 11/13 Reports issued to Parents
Saturday27Rugby - TBC
Monday29Year 9 Tet/Dip/Polio/Meningitis C Vaccinations
Tuesday30Year 9 Tet/Dip/Polio/Meningitis C Vaccinations
Tuesday30Year 9 Enterprise Day - Exploring Careers - Main Hall - Fisher and More
Wednesday31Year 9 Enterprise Day - Exploring Careers - Main Hall - Fox and Ga


Thursday1Year 9 Enterprise Day - Exploring Careers - Main Hall - Southwell
Friday2Year 9 Academic Review 2 issued to Parents
Saturday3Rugby v St Joseph's
Saturday3PA Quiz Night
Monday5Year 7 Assessments (in class) & Academic Review
Tuesday6National Gallery Trip Years 11, & 13
Tuesday619.00 GCSE & 20.30 A Level Music Performance Assessment Concert
Wednesday7Retreat for Year 9 Walsingham House (to 9th)
Thursday8Final day for enquiries about results from November
Friday9Year 13 Ball
Saturday10Ski Trip to 18th
Saturday10Rugby Leavers' XV at Cotton Park
Wednesday14Ash Wednesday
Monday19Years 8 Assessments (in class) and Academic Review 2
Tuesday20Year 13 RE Day
Wednesday21Last Day for GCSE and GCE Entries Summer 2018
Wednesday21Rugby Hampton 7s
Friday23Year 8 French Trip to Switzerland (to 3rd March) (PJL)
Saturday24Rugby Dartford U12 Festival
Saturday24Rugby v Southend HSB
Saturday24Rugby v Brentwood School U18 7s
Saturday24Rugby v Harrow School 3rd XV
Sunday25Rugby Christ College Brecon 7s
Monday26Year 11 English/Maths PiXL Curve Exams (TBC)


Thursday1World Book Day
Friday2Results of Extended Project from January 2018
Friday2Year 7 Academic Review 2 issued to Parents
Saturday3Rugby v Robert Clack Development XVs
Saturday3Rugby v New Hall U12 7s
Saturday3Brentwood School U14 7s
Sunday4Rugby v RGS Guildford U16 7s
Sunday4Rugby v Oakham U18 7s
Monday5Reconciliation Services to 18th March (TBC)
Monday5Year 12 Reports issued to Parents
Monday5Year 10 Parents' Evening- 4.30 - 7.45 pm (PFR) - KWI
Monday5Essex U14 7s - New Hall
Tuesday6Essex U13 7s - KEGS
Wednesday7Essex U12 7s - New Hall
Thursday8John Fisher Founders' Day 7s U15
Friday9National Science Week - (to 19th) (JTI)
Friday9Year 8 Academic Review 2 issued to Parents
Friday9PA Pamper Evening
Saturday10Rugby v Emmanuel School
Saturday10Rugby v Brentwood School U15
Sunday11Rugby Worth U18 7s
Sunday11Rugby QEB 7s U14 & U16
Sunday11Rugby Berkhamsted U13 7s
Monday12Year 12 Geography Trip to Overstrand Centre, Norfolk (to 16th)(NWY)
Tuesday13Rugby - Essex U15 7s at Campion
Tuesday13Rehearsals for Concert
Tuesday13Years 11 & 13 Photographs (TDE and MMcD)
Wednesday14Rugby - Essex U18 7s
Wednesday14Rugby - Surrey U18 7s
Thursday15Rugby - Essex U16 7s at Coopers
Friday16Rugby - Campion U12 9-a-side Tournament
Saturday17Rugby v Robert Clack Year 7s
Saturday17Irish Night
Saturday17Campion U18 7s (LSH)
Sunday18Rugby - John Pieroni U15 7s Wimbledon College
Sunday18Rugby v Reigate GS Junior 7s U14
Monday19Year 10 Retreat to Kintbury (to 22nd) - PFR
Tuesday20Rugby - U16 National 7s
Wednesday21Year 9 Parents' Evening 4.30 - 7.45 pm (DDW) - PTI
Wednesday21Rugby - U18 National 7s
Thursday22Rugby - U14 National 7s
Thursday22Year 10 Rugby Tour to Dublin (to 26th incl)
Friday23DofE Silver Practice to 25th March (RHE)
Saturday24Headmaster's Detention
Saturday24Rugby v Emmanuel School Year 7
Sunday25Rugby - Essex Schools' Day
Tuesday27SPRING CONCERT - 7.00 pm
Tuesday27Good Journal Trip
Thursday29Extended Assembly for Achievers of the Term
Thursday29End of Term (Early Closure 1.00 pm for pupils) Staff Meeting 1.15 pm
Friday30Good Friday


Monday16Start of Summer Term (Normal Timetable)
Tuesday17Year 12 Sports and Business Studies BTEC Work Experience to 24th inc.
Monday23Year 10 Exam Week (Jubilee Hall) & Full Report
Tuesday24Year 9 Options' Evening 6.30pm
Wednesday25Year 8 Parents' Evening 4.30 - 7.45 pm (GCO) - GPE
Monday30Year 9 Exam Week (in Jubilee Hall) & Full Report
Monday30Year 9 Reading Tests


Friday4Year 12 Academic Review 2 issued to Parents
Saturday5Hit the Road for Jack (Teenage Cancer Trust Walk)
Monday7Public Holiday
Tuesday8Primary School Visits begin (HoY/AF)
Friday11DofE Bronze Practice to 12th May
Monday14GCSE & GCE Examination Period begins to 26th June
Tuesday15CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) Day
Tuesday15Year 8 Retreat to Walsingham House - More
Wednesday16CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) Day
Wednesday16Year 8 Retreat to Walsingham House - Fisher
Thursday17Year 8 Retreat to Walsingham House - Fox
Friday18Year 8 Retreat to Walsingham House - Southwell
Saturday19Parents' Association Event
Monday21Year 10 History Trip to Berlin (to 24th)
Tuesday22Year 8 Retreat to Walsingham House - Garnet


Monday4Years 7 & 8 Examination Week (in class) and Full Reports
Monday4Year 7 Reading Tests
Monday4Year 10 Reports issued to Parents
Friday8Rugby City Dinner
Friday8DofE Bronze Qualifying to 9th June
Monday11Leadership Training for Sixth Formers - Provisional (RPN)
Monday11Year 9 Reports issued to Parents
Monday11Year 7 Trip to Rainham Marshes - Garnet
Tuesday12Year 7 Trip to Rainham Marshes - Southwell
Tuesday1219.00 Informal Music Concert (Main Hall)
Wednesday13Year 7 Trip to Rainham Marshes - Fisher
Thursday14Year 7 Trip to Rainham Marshes - Fox
Friday15Year 7 Trip to Rainham Marshes - More
Tuesday19New Parents (2018) Meeting 6.30 pm (KWI and MMcD)
Wednesday20Year 12 University Information Evening 6.30 pm (RPN)
Wednesday20Year 12 Exams in Jubilee Hall (until 28th June) & Year 12 Academic Review 2
Wednesday27Introduction Day for Year 7 (2018 Pupils)
Friday29Completion Date for all Years 12 & 13 BTEC Students
Friday29LEAVERS' DAY and Leavers' Mass
Friday29Leavers’ Dinner (School Hall) 7.00 for 7.30 pm


Sunday1Year 13 Biology Field Trip to South Wales (to 5th inclusive) PJL
Wednesday4Year 9 Yellis Tests
Thursday5Havering District Athletics
Friday6Year 12 Careers' Day
Friday6Junior School Olympics (NJO)
Friday6DofE Silver Qualifying to 8th July
Friday6Alumni Event (Evening)
Saturday7School Sports and Garden Party (compulsory for Years 7 – 10)
Saturday7Headmaster's Detention
Sunday8Year 9 Trip to Sealyham (to 14th July incl) (PF)
Sunday8RFU Conference
Monday9Years 7 & 8 Reports issued to Parents
Friday13Good Journal Trip
Monday16Extended Assembly for Achievers (p1 PSHE)
Wednesday18End of Term (Early Closure 1.00 pm) - Staff Meeting 1.15 pm


Thursday16GCE Results released to pupils
Thursday23GCSE Results released to pupils

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