Emergency Notices

There are no Emergency Notices at this time.

LGFL OpenCheck

Emergency Closures School closures are always posted on the school website, and will continue to be so. However, on days of emergency closures, access to the website can be difficult owing to overwhelming demand.

As a result, The Campion School is now using the London Grid for Learning's OpenCheck system. This service is free to use and can be accessed via the web or by telephone. Please see https://opencheck.atomwide.com/default.aspx for further details. It would be a good idea to bookmark this site.

Any unplanned school closures, together with other information, will be displayed as soon as any decision has been made.

The school website will continue to updated as usual.

December 2017

Extreme Weather & Emergency Procedures

Procedure in case of severe winter weather or serious local emergency

On rare occasions during periods of severe winter weather it may be necessary to consider closing the School to ensure the safety of pupils and staff. Similarly, in the event of a major emergency in the vicinity, closure of the School may be necessary in response to instructions from the police or emergency services. Parents and guardians are asked to note the following procedure, which is intended to ensure that correct information is communicated in such circumstances.

  1. When severe weather is forecast, or happens unexpectedly, or there is an emergency affecting the vicinity of the School, the Headmaster, Senior Staff and the Site manager will consult and make the decision whether the School is to close.
  2. If the onset of severe weather is during the night, or news of a major local emergency is received during the night, and the School is at risk of closing the next day:
    • a decision to close the School will be made at the earliest opportunity and usually by 7.00 am on the day in question.
    • Parents should check the school website for information.
    • Parents will receive an email concerning the closure. (This notification may be by text message also)
    • A closure notice will be placed on the school entrance
    • A message will, if possible, be left on the School’s Phone system (01708 452332).
    • If a child comes to School not knowing that it is closed, he/she will be looked after by staff until his/her return home is arranged.
  3. If the weather turns severe, or there is a major local emergency, after the beginning of the school day and it is decided that the School must close early:
    • Pupils will be instructed about arrangements for their dismissal from school and will be given the opportunity to telephone parents/guardians to advise of these arrangements and confirm with parents/guardians how they are to return home.
  4. If the School is open as normal but there are severe weather conditions or an emergency locally in the area of a pupil’s home:
    • parents/carers must decide for themselves whether it is safe for their child to travel to school. If the child is kept at home, his/her absence should be notified to the School on his/her return in the normal way.
    • similarly, if severe weather closes in or there is an emergency locally when a child is at school and a parent/guardian wishes their child to leave for home early, the parent/guardian should contact the School for arrangements to be made. Please note that depending on the circumstances, the School may advise that it would be safer for the child to remain in school for a time, before setting out on their journey. No pupil will be allowed to leave school early without the agreement of a parent/guardian.
    • any such arrangements must be made through the School Office, to ensure that relevant staff know of pupils’ movements.

It must be stressed that the School will be closed only if the weather is exceptionally severe and poses a clear risk to safety. In the case of a major emergency in the vicinity, advice will be sought from the police and emergency services before a decision is made.

December 2017