Online Safety Resources

I am writing to share some Online Safety resources that you might want to look at and share with your child. All students through Years 7-11 the school have access to the Online Safety Certificate, and many have completed this already. If your child has not done so, they could use their time indoors to catch up. It doesn't take look to complete altogether. I will be contacting groups of students who have not yet completed the certificate as a reminder. This will be in the form as an activity set on Doddle. This will also be offered to those in Year 12 in the very near future.

The link to completing/obtaining the Online Safety Certificate is:

Students can find their username and password from when the certificate was first presented as an activity earlier in the year via Doddle.

Each week, ThinkUKnow - a resource run by CEOP; part of the National Crime Agency will be posting a set of resources and activities to engage in at home. These are topical and up to date, and could be of interest:

Students aged 11-13

Students aged 14+

Two further resources and articles may be useful:

Parents' Guide for Safe YouTube and Internet Streaming for Kids

Video Chatting - A Guide for parents and carers of secondary age students

I hope that you gain something from these resources. If you have any questions on matters of online safety that have arisen since we have started remote learning, then please do not hesitate to get in contact through Parent Portal.

Stay safe, yours faithfully,
Mr Fitzmaurice
Subject Leader for Computer Science