Welcome Back to the Summer Term

Welcome back to the summer term, albeit without students being in classrooms and the School bustling with the normal sounds of over 1,000 people busy at their work.

Throughout the Easter services, a clear message of ‘hope’ was relayed across the world and it is in that spirit that we start back today day refreshed and ready to take on the new challenges that lie ahead. For those in school during the Easter holidays, there was a great deal to celebrate; from the work with our small group of students to the amazing achievements in the Technology Department where staff and students have been busy making face shields for our local hospitals. You will be able to read more about this in our newsletter later this week.

As we start our new term, I also wanted to bring to your attention a number of key issues:

Moodle, Doddle and Sam Learning

Staff will continue to provide work for your son/daughter. Please note that some work in Key Stage 3 may now be set via Moodle, an additional on-line platform similar to Doddle. Instructions on how to access Moodle can be found on the school website under ‘work for students and information about GCSEs, BTECs and A levels’. As such, all pupils need to check both Doddle and Moodle for work. Please share this important update with your son/daughter.

A reminder of the following: If work is not completed within the given time frame, a note will be sent to you stating, ’Work not completed yet’. We would obviously like this work completed in due course but know that this may not be possible depending on the circumstances. We look to your support in helping your son or daughter manage the workload within your domestic circumstances.

Please note that any comments regarding lack of work etc. sent home will be logged but not formally recorded unless we feel a pupil has really not made any effort. Any positive comment sent home will be formally recorded.

If for any reason you are unable to access the on-line work we set, for example if Doddle loses capacity again, we recommend the following:

Your son/daughter can look on the school website and go to the curriculum areas for each subject. He/she can then pick out either a topic that has been covered and review/revise/research using whatever sources can be found, or pick a topic that will covered in the future and do some background research.

Sam learning is another online platform that we will be using in the next few weeks. More details will follow once it has been fully embedded in our systems.


Year 11 & 13 Action Plan

This is in the final stages of development and should be sent to you shortly for you to pass onto your son/daughter. There are immense amounts of project work and on-line courses that we believe would be extremely beneficial to every student in Years 11 and 13.


Year 13 BTEC

Following publication of how grades will be awarded for BTEC students this year, students no longer need to submit any further work to teachers at school. For further details, please see the link below. mer_2020_results_for_vocational_technical_and_other_qualifications.pdf


Year 10 Reports

These will be sent out to parents by the end of the week.


School Trips and Events

Just to remind you that all school trips are on hold at the moment as per my letter of 31st March. I will update you as and when we receive further information from the Department of Education and tour operators.

All events scheduled in the school calendar for this half term are postponed. Year 9 exams will be rescheduled for later in the term.


Poster Competition

There have been some great contributions to the NHS/Key Worker poster competition so thank you to all who have submitted their designs thus far.
I have extended the deadline until Wednesday at 4pm if there are any students who want to make a last minute submission.

Finally, please keep in your prayers all those working as key workers at this time. They are doing an amazing job and need all the support they can get. Perhaps you can share this prayer with family and friends:

Holy God, we remember all those who are working to keep things going, those working in the NHS and those around it helping to keep things working, those keeping our streets clean and collecting our rubbish,
those harvesting, delivering and selling the food in our shops,
those keeping us secure and our utilities functioning,
those looking after the children of key workers,
those helping to care for the elderly and vulnerable,
clergy of all religions seeking to minister in difficult times...
Lord of compassion, hope and love, Hear our prayer Wishing you, your family and friends the peace of Christ.

Yours sincerely
K Williams