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Co-curricular Activities

Education in the Jesuit tradition is a call to human excellence. The Campion School provides opportunity for our students to develop the whole person; from intellect and imagination to emotions and conscience. Co-curricular life at the school is a major part of that philosophy and sets us apart from others.

Our students are given the opportunity to thrive in, and enjoy whatever activity they are taking part in. From social activities and clubs that run each day, through to representing the school at the very highest level.

Our students’ most notable achievements are in sport and music; however, the school also has a record of excellence in academic competitions. All is a chance to develop and display The Campion School’s virtues, and prepare for life beyond the classroom.

A selection of the most prestigious events in which our students represent the school:

  • Competitive rugby fixture calendar; against top schools in the South East

  • National athletics finals

  • Bi-annual rugby tours to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Canada.

  • Choir performances at cathedrals, including Westminster Abbey.

  • Music tours across Europe

  • Choir performance at the National Conference of Catholic Headteachers

  • Bebras Computing Challenge

  • UKMT Maths Challenge

  • Speak-out Challenge

Our prestigious offer often attracts families whose child may have already displayed excellence in either sport of music. However many of our students have never held a rugby ball or sung a note before they begin their journey in year 7.

This is a testament to the hard work and ethos of our student body, the unrivalled commitment of their parents, and the dedication of staff who are able to offer first class coaching and tuition. Working together, we allow those who attend our school to flourish and be the very best they can be, now and in the future after they leave our school.