Sixth Form Admissions

We invite applications from Year 11 students, both within and outside the Main School, who wish to continue their education within a Catholic school environment.

New Applications for 2024/25

You will need to complete an Admissions+ application form, detailing the GCSE grades that you were awarded. You will also need to upload a copy of your GCSE results transcript.

Admissions+ Application Form - Sixth Form 2024/25

Please ensure that you have met the entry requirements detailed below before you start your application; as well as the individual requirements for your chosen course.

Please complete your application before 16.00 on Friday, 2nd February 2024. We will not be able to process any new applications after this deadline. If you have any further questions, please email

Entry Requirements

Admission to the Sixth Form requires sufficient GCSE qualifications for the courses you wish to study. At Campion, you can opt either for an A Level programme of study or to a BTEC course. Entry requirements (note that these may be reviewed):

GCE Advanced Levels

Overall, 6 grades 5 – 9 at GCSE or equivalent, as well as specific entry requirements for individual subjects are listed below.

Subject Specific Requirements
Art 6 in Art (E.g. Fine Art, Photography, Graphics)
Biology  7-7 in Combined Science OR
7 in Biology and 6 in Maths
Business 6 in Business OR
6 in English and 5 in Maths
Chemistry 7-7 in Combined Science OR
7 in Chemistry and 6 in Maths
Computer Science IF taken at GCSE: 6 in Computer Science and 6 in Maths
IF not taken at GCSE: 6 in Maths
*ICT or Media does not count for Computer Science GCSE
Design Technology 6 in Design Technology
Economics 6 in English AND 6 in Maths
English Literature 6 in English Language AND English Literature
Geography 6 in Geography
History 6 in History
Maths 7 in Maths
Further Maths 8 in Maths
PE 6 in PE
Physics 7-7 in Combined Science OR
7 in Physics and 6 in Maths
Politics 6 in History OR
6 in English
Psychology 6-5 in Combined Science OR
6 in Biology AND 5 in both English and Maths
Religious Studies 6 in RE

BTEC Courses

4 grades 4 – 9 at GCSE, as well as specific entry requirements listed below.

Subject Specific Requirements
BTEC Sports Science 4 in PE and both English AND Maths
BTEC Business 5 in English AND Maths

The Headteacher may allow exceptions to these qualification requirements where there is a known reason for a student’s under-achievement at GCSE or where he determines that a student will not impede the progress of other students following the course. The governors will admit 210 students to the Sixth Form per year, basing any decisions if there is severe over-subscription on the Admissions Criteria, copies of which are available here.

The governors will also consider any particular application for a place or course in one of the school’s areas of strength or expertise of science, mathematics, sport (including female sport) and physical education, music and leadership and if they consider the application sufficiently meritorious they will offer a supernumerary place.

Year 12 Option Blocks 2024-2025A Level & BTEC Examination Results 2023

Choosing Your Course(s)

Choosing whether to study a BTEC course or combination of GCE A-Levels is an important decision that should be discussed with both your parents and current teachers. For more information about the courses offered at Campion, and how to make your decision, please visit the Choosing Your Course(s) page. If studying A-Levels, you will need to choose 3 options from across the 4 blocks.


The School makes available a bursary for students between the ages of 16 and 19 in certain situations. You can read more about the 16-19 Bursary here.