Home School Agreement

When you join The Campion School community, we ask you to adhere to a set of rules and guides.

This helps us foster an engaging and encouraging school in which you can learn and grow. We promise to help you grow and ask your parents/carers to support you as well. The Home-School Agreement, which can be found at the beginning of your Academic Journal, is signed by yourself, your form tutor and your parent/carer. The agreement reads as below.

If there is one fundamental rule for the School, it is:

“Everyone should conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate in a Christian Community.”
The Campion School will ensure:
  1. Every student is provided with a suitable programme of study in each subject taken throughout their years within the School or Sixth Form,
  2. Subject teachers will encourage each student to fulfil their true academic potential in all aspects of the courses studied,
  3. Homework and assignments will be set regularly. These will be marked and returned promptly. Returned work will include appropriate comments, including details regarding areas of improvement,
  4. Parental and student concerns will be dealt with promptly,
  5. Parents/carers are regularly informed of the student’s progress. Concerns regarding attitude, conduct and academic progress will be communicated promptly,
  6. Guidance is given concerning careers, apprenticeships and Higher Education,
  7. Opportunities are provided for your son or daughter to participate in a range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities that enable the development of appropriate skills for adult life.
We ask and expect Parents and Carers to:
  1. Encourage your son or daughter to use their Journal (or an appropriate alternative) comprehensively to record and plan work,
  2. Monitor the completion of homework and assignments, ensuring that they are completed on time and to the highest possible standard,
  3. Encourage your son or daughter to use their time effectively at home, ensuring that participation in any social activities and employment in the evenings and weekends does not interfere with school commitments,
  4. Encourage full attendance and high standards of punctuality. Follow the attendance and punctuality procedures,
  5. Attend parent meetings,
  6. Support the school in encouraging high standards of School or Sixth Form uniform,
  7. Maintain close contact with the school regarding any concerns,
  8. Encourage your son or daughter to play an active part in all aspects of their school lives - academic, spiritual, social, extra-curricular, supporting and organising school functions and activities,
  9. Inform your son or daughter’s form tutor of any absences you are aware of in advance via a note. In the case of unforeseen absence, telephone the school on 01708 452332 or use the form located on the website.
We expect Students to:
  1. Arrive in school in time to start the school day by 8:55 am. Sign in,
  2. Attend all timetabled lessons and interventions, arriving punctually,
  3. Maintain a good record of attendance throughout the year - over 95%. Provide a letter to your form tutor from your parents/carers with reasons for any absences, the day you return,
  4. Maintain a positive attitude towards your studies. Make regular and comprehensive use of a planner, such as this Journal,
  5. Be courteous at all times, show respect, consideration and good manners to all staff, visitors and fellow students,
  6. Contribute positively in lessons and never prevent others from learning,
  7. Complete all homework and assignments on time and to the highest possible standard. Use your Journal to record all details of homework and revision. Organise your time at home effectively - ensure that your school
    work takes priority over extra-curricular activities, socialising and part-time employment,
  8. Treat your school with respect. Keep it litter free and eat only in designated areas (the Main Hall and Sixth Form dining area). Report any damage of school property,
  9. Use the entrances on Wingletye Lane and the back gate on the Arterial Road only. Note that only staff, visitors and the Sixth Form may use the front entrance to the Main Block. No students should be in the school playground before school. No students should be in the school buildings before school or during breaktime and lunch unless supervised by staff,
  10. Attend school in full school uniform, wearing it so that you set a positive example to the others around you. Adhere strictly to the uniform guide,
  11. Conduct yourself in an appropriate way in school and whilst travelling to/from school,
  12. Refrain from bringing large amounts of money or valuable items, such as iPads and mobile phones, into school,
  13. Adhere to the expectations detailed in this Journal.

Behaviour in School

The School and Sixth Form foster strong communities when everybody is respectful towards the rest of the community and its buildings. We expect you to:

  1. Walk around the school in a quiet and orderly manner, keeping to the left of the corridors and staircases and adhering to the one way system in Campion House,
  2. Wait outside classrooms for lessons in single lines, avoiding congestion with other students moving along the corridors,
  3. Enter classrooms quietly before standing behind your desk until instructed to sit. At this stage, quickly organise all of the equipment you will need for the lesson including your books and pens,
  4. Participate in all lessons with a positive, hard working attitude. Listen to the teacher’s instructions and each other’s contributions. Respect each other’s work, efforts and points of view,
  5. Stand when a teacher or visitor enters the room, raising your hand to ask a question and asking politely if you do not understand something. Always use manners, such as “please” and “thank you”,
  6. At the end of each lesson pack away your equipment quietly and stand behind your desk in silence. Leave in an orderly manner when dismissed.

Valuables and Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and other valuables should not be used in school. If an item is confiscated, it will be secured safely until your parent or carer writes a letter to your form tutor. Persistant contravention will result in longer terms of confiscation and parents/carers having to collect the item.

Students in the Sixth Form may bring valuables and mobile phones into the Sixth Form, though you should be advised this is at your own risk. Loss or theft will not be covered by the school. Mobile phones may only be used within the Sixth Form and nowhere else.

Behaviour Outside School

We expect every student’s travel to and from the school to be safe. Everybody therefore has a personal responsibility for their own and others’ safety during every journey to/from the school.

At the Bus Stop

Remember to be at the right pick up point at the right time. Wait for the bus sensibly, getting on and off the bus in an orderly fashion. If you have a bus pass, make sure you have it with you before you get on the bus. Have it ready to show the bus driver. Note that if you forget your bus pass you may not be allowed to travel on the bus. If you lose your pass inform the School Office immediately, they may be able to issue you with a covering letter so that you can still travel on the bus. Inform the appropriate county council to arrange a replacement pass.

On the Bus

Find an available seat quickly, without rushing, and wear a seat belt if available. If no seats are available stand sensibly. You must not stand on the top deck of a double decker. During the journey:

  • Do not eat, drink or chew gum on the bus. If you have any litter place it in a bin or take it with you. Do not leave your litter on the bus,
  • Do not try to operate the doors - leave the bus driver to do this,
  • Do not distract the bus driver. Always do as they ask and speak politely to them. They must have their attention on the road at all times whilst driving for the safety of every person on the bus,
  • Always be polite to members of the public. Ensure your behaviour complies with the traditions and expectations of the school. Acts of misbehaviour, impoliteness and vandalism are likely to lose your right to travel on the bus.
For the Sixth Form

Students who drive to school must not park on school premises. When parking outside the school, do not park on private property or in a way that obstructs private property. Be sensitive to local residents. You must not arrange driving lessons during school time.

Work Expectations

As a member of a strong academic community, we ask you to work hard in all of your lessons, participating positively and constructively. We expect you to take comprehensive notes and complete classwork, and homework assignments, to the highest possible standard. Furthermore, we expect you to take care of your exercise and textbooks. Organise your notes carefully and catch up on any missing work or notes as soon as possible. You should:

  • Use black or blue pen for writing and a pencil for all diagrams. Use a green pen if responding to any corrections,
  • Date and title each piece of work,
  • Use rough paper for all rough work.


Teachers will set regular homework tasks and assignments. These must be handed in, completed to the highest possible standard, on the appointed day. If you have lengthy assignments, break these down into smaller tasks with
intermediate deadlines and use your Journal to keep track of your work deadlines. Do not leave work until the last minute!

Expectations on Pupil Relationships

The Campion School endeavours to create, within our community, an environment where every member:

  • is respected as an individual,
  • has a right to receive their education in a safe and secure environment,
  • is free from intimidation, threat or harm from any other person,
  • has the right to develop their talents and ability to the full,
  • is given the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of school life.

The school aims:

  • to reduce and, where possible, eradicate instances in which students are subjected to bullying of any form,
  • to establish appropriate means of providing aftercare for students who have been bullied,
  • to ensure that all students, staff and parents/carers are aware of the School’s policy and their obligations to meet it,
  • to meet any and all legal obligations which rest with the school.

If you are bullied or feel unhappy, do not accept this situation. You should:

  • ignore any comments - do not react but do tell someone:
    • inform your friends, perhaps asking one of them to talk to a member of staff if you do not feel able to,
    • inform a teacher - your Form Tutor, Head of Year, senior member of staff, Pastoral Support Officer or any other member of staff you feel you can confide in,
    • inform your parents or carers,
    • inform a prefect or peer group mentor.
    • outside the School, avoid problem hot spots and go home with a friend or with a parent or carer.

If you see another student being bullied or have evidence that another student is being bullied, inform a member of staff. Do not accept any form of bullying!