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The Campion School uniform has remained largely unchanged since the school opened in 1962.

The understated yet smart combination of a black blazer with black and maroon striped tie is instantly recognisable, and underpins the high standards of work and behaviour within the school. Our main school badge is a 1960s influenced, stylised and simplified interpretation of a campion flower;  whereas our sixth form wear a badge with a traditional school crest, and tie to match. From the day a new student first arrives at the school, they are part of our community as shown by their uniform.

Visitors often comment upon seeing the distinctive variants of ties; worn by rugby tourists or chamber choristers. It is an privilege for those who have represented the school to wear these, and they are displayed with pride.

Generic items of our uniform can be purchased from any high-street outlet, and specific items can be purchased from our supplier Havering Schoolwear.

Havering Schoolwear Uniform Policy