The Library

Welcome to The Campion School Library

The Campion School Library is a busy and popular part of the school where students are able to study, work and read in a welcoming and engaging environment.

Upon joining the school, all students are automatically enrolled as members of the Library and can borrow up to three resources at a time for a period of two weeks.  All resources within the Library are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that they reflect the academic and leisure needs of the whole school community.

Opening Times

The Library is open most school days for general student use at the following times:


Before School




12:30 to 1:35


8:30 to 8:55

12:30 to 1:35


8:30 to 8:55

12:30 to 1:35


8:30 to 8:55

12:30 to 1:35


8:30 to 8:55

12:30 to 1:35

Sixth Formers are encouraged to use the Library during lesson time for silent and private study, however, this is subject to the Library timetable.

Book Groups for years 7-11 are held during morning break.


The Library stocks a variety of resources for all levels and abilities, including: 

  • Modern fiction, classic novels, graphic and Manga novels, quick reads, short stories, poetry, plays, and biographies.
  • Information (non-fiction) resources covering all aspects of the school’s curriculum, as well as other non-fiction resources to encourage students to read for pleasure.
  • Careers Library including a large number of university prospectuses.
  • Magazines and periodicals as well as daily newspapers.
  • Revision guides and text books (available for use within the Library only).
  • Computers connected to the school’s network

Student Involvement

Students are actively encouraged to use the library, make book recommendations and to submit book reviews via the Librarian+ software. 

The Library also invites students from Years 8 to 11 to volunteer as Student Librarians, once a week.  Student Librarians assist with displays, preparing books for cataloguing, shelving and are also consulted in relation to the selection of stock.   

Librarian + (Library Computer System)

The Library currently uses Librarian+ software by Libresoft to manage student loans and library stock.  Log-in details for this system are normally given to students at the start of each academic year or upon joining the school.

Instructions on using Librarian + can be found on the Library’s Moodle pages. 

Web Links

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