Data Analysis for 2023

As a boys' school it can be difficult to understand how well our school has performed compared to other local and national schools. The attainment and progress of boys nationally is always significantly lower than girls. This can sometimes be difficult to understand as progress measures are calculated in a nuanced way. This page will help you understand our figures.

2023 Key Stage 4 School Performance Tables

From the above link you will find the most up to date Key Stage 4 attainment and progress information.  If you search ‘results by pupil characteristics’, then there will be an option to view girls and boys.

Campion Students make significant progress compared to other boys nationally

2023 p8 chart

*Graph shows projected data for National Progress 8 score

The graph above shows a positive gap of 0.65 for Campion students. This low figure gaps in progress look very small; however, in summary, this figure means that in 2 out of 3 subjects boys at Campion achieve a higher grade than their expected grade, compared to other boys nationally. It is a little more complex than this to calculate because only certain subjects are included in the calculation and some subjects have a double weight, such as Maths. 

Our attainment figures, which are also on the government performance tables link above, show that boys here achieve incredibly high outcomes.

87 progress wheel

Over 90% achieved at least a 4 (old grade ‘C’) in English, with 65% achieving at least a 5 and nearly 30% achieving at least a 7 (old grade ‘A’).

87% achieved at least a 4 in maths, with 77% achieving at least a 5 and nearly 30% achieving at least a 7 (old grade ‘A’).

Attainment in a variety of subjects was particularly high including RE, PE and all the science GCSEs.

Our vision is to ensure that students at The Campion School develop the character to be hard-working and diligent.  Students, through our school virtues, develop the habits to enable them to be highly effective independent learners. We support and challenge students through our outstanding teaching to strive to even higher achievement.

Our school virtues