In The Campion School's community, the Music Department enables talent to flourish, allows creativity to know no bounds, and provides opportunities for all to learn. We believe that music is an intrinsic part of human expression and a universal language that connects us beyond boundaries.

Our department is a vibrant community pulsating with energy, passion, and rhythm. Here, students are not only exposed to a rich tapestry of musical genres from classical symphonies to contemporary beats, but also equipped with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to explore their own musical identities.

Whether a student arrives in Year 7 as an experienced vocalist, an aspiring instrumentalist, or someone who simply enjoys the allure of melodies, our conservatory trained teaching staff aims to nurture their talent and develop their passion. Students are encouraged to study the subject as an academic discipline and engage in our rich and ambitious co-curricular programme, supported by a talented team of peripatetic tutors. Students will deep into music theory, collaborate in ensembles, and have the opportunity to take the spotlight in our regular concerts. At The Campion School, the stage is set for a holistic musical education.

Key Stage 3 Music

Key Stage three all boys receive two lessons of Music per fortnight. Literacy in music and a sound working knowledge of music theory are paramount: Grade 1 theory is interwoven with the National Curriculum materials and taught, in essence, for free to all boys in Years 7 and 8.

Topics in Year 7 include: rhythm and elements of music; Grade 1 theory; keyboard skills; African drumming; studying chords and composition. Year 8 focus on the following: ring tone jingles and rhythmic values; 12-Bar Blues and jazz harmony; ground bass; samba.

Year 9 study looks forward to introducing all boys to the Edexcel GCSE syllabus, with a view to encouraging all to opt for this subject, having been thoroughly versed in performance and music literacy throughout Key Stage 3.

Pupils write and perform their own pop’ song, compose and produce the soundtrack for an advertisement using Cubase, and study a Club Dance ‘set work’ from the Edexcel specification.


GCSE Music

Key Stages 4 and 5 are based on the study of the Edexcel specification for Year 11, and Eduqas specification for Year 10. All extra-curricular activities compliment, and help to further equip pupils to be successful in their further musical studies, as well as affording an opportunity to fulfil the examination requirements for performing as coursework.