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Year 7 Virtues Competition

Year 7 Virtues Competition
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A competition was held for our Year 7 students to write a statement about one of the school's core virtues. These virtues, courage, humility, charity, honesty, forgiveness, resilience, and gratitude, are an integral part of the school's culture and are instilled in students throughout their education.

The competition was open to all Year 7 students and encouraged them to think deeply about the virtues and how they can apply them in their daily lives. Entries were judged by a panel of Sixth Form students and staff. The winners were announced in a Year 7 assembly.

The winning statements were then published on the school's website, giving the students' words a platform to be shared with the wider school community. In addition to the recognition they have earned, the winners were also treated to a pizza lunch hosted at the round table in Mr. Larner's office.

The competition was a great success and the school is proud of the 7 boys who were selected as winners for their thought-provoking and inspiring statements about the virtues. The competition not only helped the students to think more deeply about the virtues, but also encouraged them to be more intentional about incorporating them into their lives.

Well done to the 7 boys for their hard work and dedication in writing their statements. The school is looking forward to holding similar competitions in the future to continue to encourage and recognise the students' commitment to our community.

Read the students' statements here